Funky Summer Flicks

The illustrated title of Luca.
Photo provided by Creative Commons.

The illustrated title of Luca. Photo provided by Creative Commons.

No matter the weather, these movies are jam-packed with so much summer that you’ll be instantly transported back to the sunny days and warm nights of this upcoming beloved season. 


Mamma Mia!

A fun summer time musical about a girl, Sophie, getting married, and she invites all three of her possible fathers to the small Grecian island where she lives. While Donna, Sophie’s mom, attempts to avoid interacting with the men, Sophie bonds with the three prospective dads. Filled with fun 70s music, an amazing cast (including Amanda Seyfried and Meryl Streep), and summer love and magic, Mamma Mia! never fails to bring a smile to the audience’s lips. 



This Steven Spielberg classic has been haunting beach goers for decades. After a brutal shark attack kills a New England tourist, Police Chief Martin Brody, marine biologist Matt Hooper, and ship captain Quint go against the mayor’s orders in hopes they’ll find, catch, and kill the shark responsible for the massacres along the shore. 



On the warm beaches of Porto Rosso, Italy, is the heart-melting tearjerker story of Luca. This coming of age movie is about a special friendship between two boys who think they only have each other. In their journeys to find a new life, they compete in a race and find true family along the way. 


High School Musical 2

It’s finally summer, and what better way for the Wildcats to spend the season than… working? Don’t fret; Troy landed an amazing gig working at the fancy country club in the New Mexico desert. There’s a pool, a spa, and, best of all, a talent show. Trouble brews when Sharpay introduces Troy to bigshot basketball agents and his friends feel isolated and forgotten. The epitome of summer movies, High School Musical 2 is full of music, love, and most importantly, friendship. 


The Parent Trap

Two identical girls from very different worlds meet at summer camp. At first, Annie and Hallie hate each other (after all, there’s only room in the world for one Lindsay Lohan), but after being forced to spend time together, they realize they’re long lost twins! The twins come up with an elaborate plan to finally meet their other birth parent and get the two back together in the process. 


The Goonies

This classic 1980s movie will “never say die.” This is the story of a ragtag group of kids going on a whirlwind adventure after finding an old pirate map of their hometown.

They set on a quest to the treasure in hopes to save their family home from being torn down to build a country club.  


Spiderman: Far From Home

In the second installment of the Tom Holland Spiderman movies, Peter Parker and his friends Ned and MJ go on a school trip to Europe. Early into their summer vacation, Peter notices something is off. It is revealed that Nick Fury, the head of the SHIELD, has orchestrated this trip to get Spiderman’s help to fight the Elementals, a group of creatures made of different elements and leave destruction in their path. 


Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Ferris Bueller may not excel in school, but he has a special talent at skipping and not getting caught, despite his Principal Rooney’s determination. Ferris and his two friends spend a day cruising the streets of Chicago and evading phone calls from Rooney, all while trying to make it look like Ferris has been sick in bed all day. This irreverently fun and irresistibly entertaining movie is just the one to begin an all out summer movie marathon.

Mamma Mia! movie poster.
Photo provided by Creative Commons.
The illustrated title of High School Musical 2.
Photo provided by Creative Commons.