Senior Memories

The Wolverines recap on their past two million minutes of high school and share their most memorable moments of their time here. 

Senior Alivia Favereaux says, “The Woodgrove vs. Valley football game of 2021 was definitely my favorite moment! Having the rival schools of Purcellville in one place was just so much fun, especially since we ended up beating Valley after being down. I love that Woodgrove managed to give it their all and not give up!” Favereaux plans on attending Virginia Tech and majoring in Biological Sciences. 

Photo provided by Alivia Favereaux.

Senior Karl Vogelsang says, “Some of my favorite memories as a student have come from many different conversations at lunch with my friends and also being part of the basketball team because you’re able to create a strong bond and build new friendships when playing sports.” Vogelsang plans on attending the University of Kentucky, majoring in Kinesiology.

Photo provided by Karl Vogelsang.

Senior Aiden Zapanta says, “My favorite memory as a Woodgrove student was attending the sporting events and being in the Wild. I loved dressing up to the theme of the Wild and showing my school spirit by participating in the chants.” Zapanta plans on attending Virginia Tech and pursuing a major in Business.

Photo provided by Aiden Zapanta.

Senior Jorja Rich says, “My favorite memory of being a Woodgrove student is running on the track team. The team and coaches are great, and we all love hanging out together at practice.”After graduation, Rich will attend James Madison University and jump on their track team. “I am studying marketing while on a pre-law track.”

Photo provided by Jorja Rich.