Dorm Decorating 101

Most seniors are worried about scholarships, student loans, and senioritis. A fun distraction for many college bound students is planning next year’s dorm room.

Left – Woodgrove alumna Elena Chamberlain’s Dorm
Right – Woodgrove alumna Liza Ricker’s Dorm

  Some students may find that they want a color theme that is brighter, like blues and pinks. A blue color scheme can be good for students who want a peaceful, calming environment, and a place to reduce anxiety and stress. A dorm with a pink color scheme can alleviate strong emotional feelings and can create an environment that gives off passionate energy.

Blue Color Swatch (Creative Commons)

   While some people enjoy the brighter colors of a room, many tend to lean towards neutrals or earth tones. Neutral colors like grays and whites can create a steady and quiet environment for students who want their room to be a place of study and sleep. Earth tones like burnt orange, browns, and tans can give a room a bohemian feel. These colors create a warm and inviting feel to a dorm.

With the year winding down, these choices are becoming more on the forefront of the graduate’s mind as some students prepare to create their home away from home.