Outlander Staff Graduation Outfits

Ashley Moriarty, 2021 graduate, poses in front of Woodgrove High School after her graduation ceremony. (Ashley Moriarty)

With graduation right around the corner, seniors all over the school are beginning to plan their graduation looks. Senior Newspaper staff are already ahead of the curve and are welcoming the season with their planned outfits.

During a senior class meeting Dr. Shipp and other staff made a point to wear suitable dress. “All graduates are expected to wear appropriate attire for this significant event, such as dress pants with a button-down shirt and tie or semi-formal dress.”

Senior Editor in Chief Logan Johnson already has the whole picture painted in her head of what her outfit will be. “A white dress, something simple because of the cords and navy gown. Then royal blue heels to match my college colors.” Johnson takes a sentimental approach on choosing her footwear. “It’s what my brother did. It’s a family tradition to match your shoes to your college,” Johnson concludes, excited to contribute to the legacy. 

Senior Staff Writer Lindsey Simpson takes a more unique spin with her graduation outfit. “A white dress and a pair of Doc Martens. I don’t want to wear heels on the turf. Doc Martens are comfortable, and I can dress them up!” This twist makes the outfit individual and comfortable. 

The Woodgrove Outlander Staff aren’t the only ones with graduation in mind, Senior Kellen McDonald approaches his graduation outfit with comfort in mind. “I want to wear a T-shirt underneath, I might wear a button up but I’m not going to if I don’t have to.”

Whether it is traditional or throwing in a vintage twist, graduation outfits can show personality and school pride.