College Must Haves

After four years of working, honoring, and striving, some seniors are choosing a collegiate path. With lots of advice from many people,

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Outlander Staff highlights a few helpful dorm items.


“You really don’t need a lot, and people tend to forget that,” says Caiya Morrison, a freshman at Virginia Tech. 

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Something many students have seen since middle school is a planner or agenda book. “My planner keeps me on track; I can just open it and see what’s due during the week,” says Morrison. Especially in the midst of a chaotic and intensive course schedule, an agenda can be a lifesaver. Staples sells planners ranging from $9 to $42, depending on your needs. 

A hand held clothes steamer to smooth wrinkles can be helpful in an environment where most of a student’s laundry is done in a communal washer and dryer. Target sells clothes steamers ranging from $18 to $62. 

Fairy lights create a fun aesthetic and provide enough visibility to read a book while not disturbing a sleeping roommate. Amazon sells packages of fairy lights from around $13 to $30.

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