Sticky Toffee Pudding- A Hidden Gem

Sticky Toffee Pudding (Creative Commons)

Desserts have always been a token part of American culture; the banana split, the key lime pie, and even mouth watering s’mores were created here. Despite American appreciation for delectable desserts, a hidden treasure remains largely undiscovered by the U.S. public. Sticky toffee pudding, a British dessert, is largely seen as a classic delicacy in Great Britain, despite its history only dating back to the mid 20th century. 

This dessert is the perfect balance of hot and cold with its moist sponge cake coated with warm toffee sauce and served with a side of vanilla ice cream. Dates, the fruits of the date palm tree, are finely chopped and concealed within the sponge cake, giving it added moisture and sweetness. Sticky toffee pudding isn’t served in large portions, but it is fulfilling regardless, due to the richness of its flavor. It is known to be a perfect dessert for holidays, especially during the fall and winter months. 

The origins of sticky toffee pudding are unclear, but evidence points to its invention within the Lake District of Northwest England, where it then gained popularity. Many pubs have argued that they created the dish, yet it is clear that it became famous in the Sharrow Bay Country House Hotel in Cumbria. 

Regardless of its disputed birthplace, sticky toffee pudding’s unique flavor and lightness, compared to traditional British sponges, allows it a distinctive flare that will surely attract the attention of more Americans.