Beach Week: Fun and Games or Disaster?


Myrtle Beach, NC. Photo provided by Creative Commons.

Beach week, a post-graduation tradition for high school seniors, entails a week-long celebration, usually unsupervised and overcrowded in locations like Ocean City, Myrtle Beach, and Virginia Beach. Beach week creates controversy because the unlimited teenage freedom commonly leads to bad decisions. According to The Baltimore Sun, “They [seniors] come for marathon bouts of underage drinking, substance intake, public disturbance and other unsupervised activities that keep parents up at night.” 

Penn Live showed the following statistics from 2018 in Ocean City, Maryland:

  • 66 custodial arrests and 3 citations in April
  • 543 custodial arrests and 40 citations in June
  • 403 custodial arrests and 23 citations in July
  • 295 custodial arrests and 16 citations in August  

The spike in June police activity likely correlates to beach week. Although this tradition potentially could be filled with fun, danger is prevalent.