Staying Connected During Distance Learning

Written by Aidan Leahy, Megan Murphy, Charley Piercy, and Kennedy Vacca

Woodgrove students are adjusting to spending their school days online and only seeing their classmates through a screen. To adapt to this new learning environment, students from each grade have been making a cozy place in their homes to work. Below, students were asked to share their space of creativity and how they are managing to stay connected. 

Freshman Gage Bandy says, “I would much rather be in person. Distance learning is hard because we have to teach ourselves how to use the technology and about the subject. I miss socializing with my friends and being in touch with people. Right now, I usually don’t work with my friends, but I keep in touch with them through texting, FaceTime, and Snapchat.”

Gage using his resources to complete his online school work (photo provided by Delaney Bandy)

Staying at home all day, trying to learn new subjects over a screen can be challenging. Many students are up to their ears in work, doing their best to stay focused and organized. Sophomore Jaden Boring comments on the difficulty of online school by saying, “It is hard to stay focused throughout the day. I miss being around my friends everyday.” Not only is distance learning a struggle mentally, but students need a natural balance of social interactions throughout the day. Although it may seem like there are no solutions in sight, there are a few quick fixes to this problem. I FaceTime and text a lot of my friends to go over what we did in class that day, and to keep in touch.” FaceTiming friends is just one way to get your social interactions while practicing social distancing during these times. 


While students are finding it challenging to stay in touch with others, Junior Tara Mullen says, “I just text and FaceTime my friends as much as I can and see some of them through sports.” Students who involve themselves in extracurricular activities such as drama or sports are finding it easier to remain in touch with their peers. After being seperated from classmates and friends for months, participating in activities can help individuals step back into the social environment that was once normal. 

Tara Mullen shows off her daily workspace. Photo provided by Tara Mullen)

Some students use the opportunity of online school to get together with their peers. Senior Peyton Tarrant says, “My friends and I rotate going to each other’s houses to do online school. It makes my days more interesting by being able to work with other people. Even if we don’t have the same classes, it’s still fun to be together.” Although we lack the experience of physically going to school, working with friends helps bring back some sense of normalcy. “I miss being at school because I think classes are more entertaining in person; it can drag on when you’re online,” Tarrant says.