The School News Site of Woodgrove High School

The Woodgrove Outlander

The School News Site of Woodgrove High School

The Woodgrove Outlander

The School News Site of Woodgrove High School

The Woodgrove Outlander

The School News Site of Woodgrove High School

The Woodgrove Outlander

Debaters of Woodgrove

Written by Claire Hudak and Ava Welsh March 30, 2023

Woodgrove’s 2022-2023 Speech and Debate Team is in full swing with their competitions. Despite the popularity of this extracurricular across the nation, many people often question: what is debate? Debate...

Woodgrove’s School Security Officer, Mr. Ward Sigler, standing out front of the building greeting students.

Rise of School Violence

Written by Gianna Costanzo, Andrew Towe, and John Hays March 24, 2023

     Recently there has been a national and local rise in school violence including students, staff, and parents. With the news of a Virginia teacher being shot by a six-year-old student, it’s...

Woodgrove student Meredith Buxton with their puppy, Remus.

A Long Wait For A Deserved Soulmate

Written by Shaelyn Wheeler and Maeve Bauer March 23, 2023

I have always been an animal lover, especially dogs. I was fascinated whenever I would see service dogs in public. I knew I couldn’t distract them because they were working. I would pretend that my stuffed...

The Influencer Dream: Positive or Dangerous?

Written by Ali Eliott and Ava Welsh March 23, 2023

Social media: an online world full of millions of creators, limitless information and opinions, and endless possibilities. Yet many people are beginning to question… is social media really a positive...

Tomlinson stares down the opposing team’s dugout after scoring a run.

Spring Players To Watch

Written by Maddie Shea and Mason Vacca March 23, 2023

Another Woodgrove sports season is coming up and here are some athletes you should keep an eye on. Softball After she made the switch over from baseball, Senior Annika Rohs started playing softball at...

Sexual Violence is an Epidemic in Loudoun County Public Schools

Written by Claire Davison March 23, 2023

Loudoun County Public Schools is in the news yet again for mishandling sexual assaults. On February 2nd, Loudoun Circuit Court ordered a search warrant affidavit for surveillance cameras in Tuscarora High...

Semester At Sea: An Opportunity Like No Other

Written by Abby Meedel and Ellia Mytsa March 23, 2023

     Many young people have an aspiration to travel the world. Waking up to the sight of crystal blue waters stretching for miles and a salty breeze doesn’t have to be a fantasy. One can experience...

Adu in his stance while being guarded by Dr. Shipp.

Senior vs. Staff Basketball Game

Written by Devin Adu-Osei and Maddie Shea March 23, 2023

A tradition kept since the early years of Woodgrove High School, the annual Student vs. Staff basketball game was held on January 19th. The game was won by the staff, which continued a common trend...

Connecting Cultures Through Food

Written by Sam Douglas and Kiera McMahon March 23, 2023

Woodgrove’s Global Ambassadors Club hosted its popular International Food Night for a second year, a night dedicated to learning about the different cultures that make up Woodgrove’s student body. “The...

Woodgrove’s Own Educators Rising

Written by Ali Elliott March 23, 2023

Educators Rising is an organization supporting and propelling students' dreams of going into the education field. This past summer, Junior Mackenzie Sullivan and Sophomore Lyla Seneca represented Woodgrove...

Last year’s Varsity Lacrosse team.

New Coaches

Written by Isaac Kent, William Den Herder, and Luke Jenkins March 23, 2023

New head coach, Taylor Saville Spears, signals the beginning of a new winning era for the Varsity Women’s lacrosse.  Coach Taylor is hoping to bring a new mentality for the season that can be summarized...

You Can’t Spell Funeral Without FUN!

Written by Maeve Bauer March 23, 2023

On Monday, February 27, 2023, the Royal Court of Denmark (Ms. Sim's sixth block AP Literature class) gathered to mourn the passing of Court Jester Yorick (portrayed by Charlie Fiorentino). They celebrated...

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