The Woodgrove Outlander

An empty Woodgrove hallway, lonely without students.
ABAB Schedule Change
Written by Mason Vacca and Haley Oliver

After student and parent outcries, Woodgrove High School kicked off the second quarter by reintroducing the ABAB schedule. At the beginning of the 2020...

Different Holiday Traditions
Written by Gianna Costanza, Anna Cristofano, and Maddie Shea

The holidays are a festive time of year where people of diverse ethnicities and religions gather to celebrate in their own unique ways and traditions. Celebrated...

Are Teenagers Taking the Pandemic Seriously?
Written by Claire Davison, Teagan Russell, and Sarah Burns

Being safe during quarantine is important, however some are not taking it seriously. A lot of blame for risky behaviors during the pandemic is directed...

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