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The School News Site of Woodgrove High School

The Woodgrove Outlander

The School News Site of Woodgrove High School

The Woodgrove Outlander

The School News Site of Woodgrove High School

The Woodgrove Outlander

“The 38Dawgz” Wins Fan Favorite at Battle of the Bands

Written by Natalie Harrison June 7, 2023

Rapidly progressing in music, the members of the high school punk rock band, The 38Dawgz, are juggling both their studies and their songs. The band recently competed in the “Battle of the Bands” at...

Griffin caught off guard working in a lab.

Math Teacher Alison Griffin Gives up Fish for Functions

Written by Rylee Anne Mahzoun June 7, 2023

Woodgrove High school teacher Alison Griffin gave up fish for functions and now teaches high school Algebra as well as higher math classes. Griffin formerly worked for the U.S.G.S. (United States Geological...

A view of the welcoming exterior of the cafe.

A Cozy Corner of the Community Committed to Caring for Cats: Coffee, Cookies, and Cuddles

Written by Miriam Daum June 7, 2023

An unsuspecting little brick building sits in the heart of downtown Leesburg. It may seem like an average cafe when you walk in, but it is helping to save lives- the lives of cats, that is.  Not...

Evelynn Winter and her dog. Picture provided by Evelynn Winner.

Senior Advice to Underclassmen

Written by Devin Adu-Osei and Anna Cristofano May 17, 2023

As the Woodgrove Class of 2023 is preparing to leave school for the last time, here is some of the most important advice from Woodgrove seniors. “Best advice, don’t miss your senior year! It goes...

Dorming On and Off Campus

Written by Sarah Burns and Andrew Towe May 17, 2023

  For some Woodgrove students who choose to continue their education after high school, finding housing can feel daunting. Former Wolverines give advice for navigating dorm life as well as finding alternative...

Ngonga leaps through the air. Photo provided by Studio Photography.

Wendell Ngonga: Triple Jump State Champ

Written by Maddie Shea, Lilly Soska, and Mason Vacca May 15, 2023

Wendell Ngonga, a senior at Woodgrove High School, has had an excellent performance on the track this spring season. As a track athlete and winner of the 2023 state championship title in the triple jump,...

A lighthouse in Fanad, Ireland, located on the north coast of the country. Photo provided by Creative Commons.

Exploring Different Paths

Written by Evan Kaiser and Ava Welsh May 15, 2023

A gap year, otherwise known as a sabbatical year, is when students pause their academics to travel and broaden their life skills. There are a wide range of programs, from charitable organizations to educational...

Photo of sign offering jobs at Franklin Park. Picture provided by Andrew Towe.

Summer Time, Fun Time!

Written by Luke Jenkins and Jillian Lewis May 15, 2023

Summer jobs give Woodgrove students real life experience, a way to earn money, and a fun time. Woodgrove students share their summer employment experiences. Sophomore Elizabeth Malone was a part time...

Running for Green or Glory?

Running for Green or Glory?

Written by Sarah Putorti and Teagan Russell May 15, 2023

Hooves strike the earth with an urgent ferocity as crowds of finely dressed people with fabulous hats jump in their seats. Years of determined effort have been invested into just a quick sprint across...

German film company working on their documentary

Wellness Fair Attracts Attention of German Documentary

Written by Ali Eliott May 15, 2023

Did you see the camera crew walking around the We’re All Human Wellness Fair on April 19th? Steffaine Reisse and her team were at Woodgrove filming a documentary on the importance of mental health resources...

Mr. Bennett before we took the chair out!

Tape a Teacher!

May 1, 2023

On April 27th, the Woodgrove Outlander Newspaper came together to create a fundraising event. The event was called Tape a Teacher -- an event where students can tape their teacher of choice to the...

These two students are helping each other on the ArcGIS project that they have been working on. On the left is Junior Michael Allis and on the right is Junior Andrew Green.

Woodgrove Geospatial Science Class is on the Road to James Madison University

Written by Ethan Tehan April 20, 2023

The WHS Geospatial science class field trip will be held at James Madison University  on April 28.  ArcGIS students will present projects to JMU professors and college students and will also tour...

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