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The School News Site of Woodgrove High School

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The School News Site of Woodgrove High School

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Winter Players to Watch

Winter Players to Watch

Written by Logan Johnson, Maddie Shea, and Mason Vacca January 24, 2022

Woodgrove Players to Watch athletes are nominated by coaches and chosen by peers, distributed in a poll through Dentime. Here are the winners!   Sophomore Colin Fuller comments on his upcoming...

 Senior Karl Vogelsang knocks down a free throw in the rival Woodgrove vs Loudoun Valley game. (Provided by Action Jackson Photos).

Surprising Sports Superstitions

Written by Maddie Shea and Maeve Bauer January 23, 2022

Various Woodgrove athletes share their pregame rituals that are student led and directed which shows what makes their individual team special.   Woodgrove Senior Hunter Pavolic shared the Woodgrove...

Woodgrove campus from a bird’s eye view.

Fall Sports Wrap-Up

Written by Maddie Shea and Hannah Rayburn November 12, 2021

Fall is coming to an end, and with it, fall sports. Athletes from every Woodgrove fall team reflect on the season and what the future holds.    Football  Senior Aidan Landis, varsity football...

Mackenzie Shores playing for her club team Loudoun ECNL Soccer.

College Bound Woodgrove Athletes

Written by Anna Cristofano, Haley Oliver, and William Den-Herder November 12, 2021

Select student athletes from Woodgrove High School reflect on sacrifice and hard work to achieve athletic scholarships. Mackenzie Shores, a senior at Woodgrove and a returning four-year varsity...

Izzy Demark and the Junior Varsity Volleyball Team talking strategy after losing a tough second set.

LCPS Takes Actions to Protect Student Athletes During Play

Written by Ali Elliott and William Den Herder October 26, 2021

LCPS has faced many COVID cases in teens over the course of the pandemic. According to COVID-19 data provided by Loudoun County government, COVID cases in Loudoun of ages 10-19 is at 4,807. Total COVID...

Spring Players to Watch

Written by Anna Lockhart and Kayla Norsworthy May 20, 2021

As this unpredictable school year comes to an end, the Wolverines are excited to be back outside playing spring sports again. Via a Twitter poll, each team nominated two players they believe are most promising...

Fall Players to Watch

Written by Anna Lockhart, Kayla Norsworthy, and Rachel Schneeberg March 22, 2021

After a successful run for winter sports, fall sports are ready to get their heads back in the game. But there's a twist, fall sports will be held during the springtime. Seasons are scheduled to begin...

A Game That Will Go Down in History

Written by Anna Cristofano March 19, 2021

Super Bowl LV may go down as one of the most iconic and chaotic Super Bowl games in history. On Friday, February 7, in Tampa Florida, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs faced off for the national...

Winter Sports Athletes COVID Season

Written by Gianna Costanzo March 19, 2021

Woodgrove High School student athletes had a crazy winter sports season due to the coronavirus. Freshman Rylee Evans, junior Ryan Yriart, and senior Amber Dubey describe their winter sports season. Freshman...

Lacing up Like Never Before

Written by Anna Lockhart, Kayla Norsworthy, Maddie Shea, and Riley Castellano January 13, 2021

On March 11th 2020, the world of sports was changed forever. In response to the Covid-19 pandemic making its way to the United States and Rudy Gobert, a professional basketball player for the Utah Jazz...

Former WHS Athletes ‘Lace up’ Beyond High School

Written by Anna Lockhart, Ashleigh Moffett, Kayla Norsworthy, and Logan Johnson January 17, 2020

Being a high school athlete has its challenges, but becoming a collegiate athlete takes a whole different level of dedication and drive. Known for its sports, Woodgrove has had many athletes play at the...

The Titans pick at the 2016 NFL Draft in Chicago, Illinois.

Kyler Murray, Daniel Jones Take the Spotlight of the 2019 NFL Draft’s First Round

Written by Casey Abashian and Daniel Alvarez May 2, 2019

For what seemed like an eternity, speculation over who the Arizona Cardinals would take with their first overall selection loomed leading up to draft day. While Nick Bosa, star defensive lineman out of...

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