Meet the 2022-2023 Woodgrove Outlander Editors in Chief

As Woodgrove says goodbye to the class of 2022, The Woodgrove Outlander ushers in three rising seniors as next year’s editors. These ladies are driven, intelligent, and looking forward to being at the helm of The Woodgrove Outlander next year.

Teagan Russell, photo taken by Robbie Showers.

Junior Teagan Russell is approaching her third year as a writer for The Woodgrove Outlander. She enjoys writing satire, scientific studies, drama, and investigative pieces. Russell comments,Drama and investigative pieces really became a passion of mine after watching shows like Criminal Minds, but seeing as we’re in high school, I believe the best way to interact with these genres is by overlapping with the satire category.” Her favorite story to write so far has been the “Satire Sleuths.”

Russell has wanted to be an editor since her 8th grade year after a visit from The Outlander team. “I think I will make a good editor because I have a passion for well written and constructed pieces, which is helpful when it comes to quality assurance. I believe I will be able to encourage fellow classmates with creativity and expression, both in topics and InDesign creations.”

Russell also learned tips from the current editors to help her succeed next year. “From Logan Johnson I learned about the process of creating the master doc and finalizing it, as well as ordering it from the production company and confirming the purchase. From Ainsleigh Shipp, I learned about the best ways to interact with my classmates to keep a positive environment, including knowing when stories need to be adjusted.”

Gianna Costanzo, photo taken by Ali Elliott.

Gianna Costanzo is a Woodgrove junior and will start her third year on The Woodgrove Outlander in the fall. Costanzo has experience in many story genres but enjoys news or feature stories the best. Her favorite pieces to write were a profile on Mr. Clawson and the first Russia and Ukraine article. 

Costanzo is confident her skills will lead her to be an inspiring editor because “I always like to stay organized and help other people. I also always love when other writers ask me for help or ideas.”

Costanzo watched current editor Ainsleigh Shipp for helpful hints to use throughout the year to come. “Something that I really admire about the way Ainsleigh led the class was how she led by example and never acted like a dictator.”

Claire Davison is a rising senior and going on her third year on The Outlander staff. Her favorite topics to write about are current social issues and fun feature stories. “I’ve genuinely enjoyed all the stories I’ve worked on, but I think my favorites have been the one I wrote about Title IX and our “Don’t Say Gay” article in the senior edition, just because those are both topics I really care about.”

Davison didn’t join the newspaper with the intention of becoming editor, but it became a goal of hers during her first two years on the staff. She knows her passion will help her step into the role of editor. “I think I’ll make a good editor because I care a lot about the newspaper and can work well with different people under time pressure.”

Claire Davison, photo taken by Robbie Showers.

Davison was quick to pick up tips from shadowing her editor. “I have definitely learned from our current editors. From writing, to Indesign, to leading the class, Ainsleigh pretty much taught me everything, which has been super helpful.”