How to Combat Spring Allergies

 The weather gets warm, and everyone enjoys being outside. Then you wake up with your nose clogged, and your eyes itching. Welcome to the joys of spring.

     There are many ways to combat spring allergies. The first thing you should do is shower before you go to bed. You don’t necessarily need to use soap and shampoo, but rinsing your hair will get pollen off of you, hopefully preventing an allergic reaction. Though the nice weather will make it tempting, it is also best to not leave windows open for too long. Open windows let pollen enter your home, leaving no escape from the evil yellow plant dust.  

     However, if the pollen does track you down and find you, there are thankfully some helpful medications to relieve your pain. Make sure you do consult your doctor before applying any advice given in this article. When it feels like there are itchy sand grains in your eyes, Pataday is an excellent brand of eye drops that bring instant relief to your grieving pupils. Taking allergy medicines like Allegra will also reduce your symptoms when you do go outside and touch grass.

Little pollen factories. Photo provided by Creative Commons.