The Willow Project: An Encouraging Step or a Massive Mistake?

An oil drill. (Creative Commons)

The Willow Project is a massive and decades long oil drilling project on Alaska’s North Slope. If the project is approved, it will create jobs and boost energy production while giving a much needed source of revenue to the state. The proposed project will cost 6 billion dollars, yet it would lessen the USA’s reliance on foreign powers’ oil.

However, climate activists think that this project will have a terrible impact on the environment due to the carbon pollution that millions of barrels of oil produces. Carbon will significantly increase our negative footprint on the world with global warming.  Many believe that if the Biden administration approves the project, it will be a blow to the pledge he made to combat climate change. 

Many citizens wait with baited breath to see what the Biden administration decides, as either decision will have major impacts on the entire country.