Woodgrove Track And Field Holds a Successful Mulch Sale And Scrimmage

Student athletes and coaches at Woodgrove High School had a successful Mulch Sale and track scrimmage on March 18. Track athletes performed well at the scrimmage, and $26,500 was raised by the WWABC.

All money raised during the fundraiser goes to the Woodgrove Wolverines Athletic Booster Club (WWABC), which spends it on the athletic program and for student athletes at Woodgrove. Last year’s mulch sale sold about 4,800 bags of mulch, while this year,  5,300 bags were sold. This year’s profits exceeded last year’s by over two thousand dollars, with the WWABC raising $26,500 overall.

The mulch was delivered with the help of parent volunteers, student track and field athletes, along with baseball, softball, and basketball athletes, and coaches. The mulch was pre-ordered and students helped by loading vehicles and delivering the mulch when necessary.

The athletic director at Woodgrove, Theodore Lowery, says, “In 16 years, it’s the smoothest mulch sale I’ve been a part of.” 

Others agreed with Lowery’s assessment.

Michele Whetsell, a mulch buyer and teacher at Woodgrove said, “I didn’t have to load it into my car, and I didn’t have to unload it. It was very convenient.”

The Woodgrove Track and Field team members were the first out to help with the mulch. CJ Carter, a Woodgrove sprinter, said, “Everything went well, block starts were great, races went smoothly. It was, all in all, a great day. There was great weather outside, and it was really fun.”