The Truth About Woodgrove’s Twins

There are plenty of stereotypes about twins: they dress alike, think alike, and finish each other’s sentences, but the many sets of twins at Woodgrove know firsthand what it is really like to share a birthday with a sibling.

Having twin telepathy is a common trait twins are assumed to have. Hannah Forester, a sophomore, explained her experience with twin telepathy. “My twin and I sometimes think of the exact same thing at the same time, or sometimes I can tell what she is thinking about without her telling me, which is pretty cool.” She enjoys being a twin for many reasons. “I always have someone to support me, help me with anything I need, and just be with me pretty much all of the time.”

While twins do have the same birthday (most of the time), and are often closely associated with each other, each person is unique and independent. Junior Madison Thurman says, “I do get compared to my twin sometimes, and it can be mixed feelings. I think people see twins as one, but just because we are born on the same day doesn’t mean we are the same. We are still individuals.”

Madison Thurman and her twin, Hope Thurman. Photo provided by Ali Elliott

Mr. Looney, a science teacher at Woodgrove, has two-year-old twin sons. He explained that they interact with one another by speaking in their own made-up language that only they understand! While twins do share a birthday, and similar physical features, every twin is their own person. Each person lives their own life and pursues their own passions, yet still shares a special connection that only a twin can understand.