Wellness Fair Attracts Attention of German Documentary

Did you see the camera crew walking around the We’re All Human Wellness Fair on April 19th? Steffaine Reisse and her team were at Woodgrove filming a documentary on the importance of mental health resources for the youth population.

The documentary is set to air in Germany on ZDF, a German broadcasting channel similar to BBC. ZDF stands for Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen and is a publicly funded national channel. Reisse and 20 colleagues are based out of Washington DC, traveling around North and Central America to cover the ongoing mental health crisis.

German film company working on their documentary (Photo provided by Sam Douglas)

Reisse noticed the deteriorating mental health status of Germany’s youth during the Coronavirus pandemic. In addition she noticed the lack of resources for parents and their children. Reisse says, “I’m hoping to feed into the process of raising awareness and to bring down the stigma of talking about mental health.”

The documentary is covering efforts in America to combat the ongoing mental health crisis. The documentary will use American schools as a model for improvement in Germany. Counselors, school psychologists, and Woodgrove We’re All Human Club are all featured in the documentary. Reisse takes a particular interest in Woodgrove’s approach to student mental health, “It’s interesting to see what’s available, and to hear how it helps.”

The project just began filming. One of their first stops was one of the Ryan Bartel Foundation’s monthly community youth activities to raise awareness for mental health. At the most recent event, Reisse heard about Woodgrove’s Wellness Fair and wanted to see the We’re All Human Club in action.