Senior Advice to Underclassmen

As the Woodgrove Class of 2023 is preparing to leave school for the last time, here is some of the most important advice from Woodgrove seniors.

“Best advice, don’t miss your senior year! It goes by so fast. Also, have fun. Don’t take the hardest classes if you’re not gonna have fun in those classes.” – Alex Brent

“Don’t get “senioritis.” No matter what, grades still matter even if you only have one semester of high school left. What motivated me was the thought of finally having some more freedom as a college student and being out in the world. The sooner I finished, the less stressed I would be, and the more time I had to relax until summertime.” – Wendell Ngonga

Seniors Alex Brent (left) and Wendell Ngonga (right) are pictured at a track meet. (Alex Brent)

“My biggest advice would be to not procrastinate on assignments because then you’ll have to rush to do an assignment the night before. Also, try to go to the football games. They are super fun and a great way to hang out with your friends.” – Megan Collins

Picture of Senior Megan Collins dressed as Pitbull for Halloween last year.

“Number one is to prioritize sleep. Do not let one bad grade affect your whole semester. You have plenty of assignments to bring it up, so don’t stress. My biggest thing would be to always remember to be kind to everyone because you never know what someone is going through.” – Sophie Hays

Sophie Hays’ senior pictures for this year. Photo provided by Sophie Hays.

“I would say the biggest thing would be to apply for scholarships as early as you can. They really make a difference in which schools you are applying to and are helpful with financial aid.” – Evelynn Winner

Evelynn Winter and her dog. Picture provided by Evelynn Winner.