A Cozy Corner of the Community Committed to Caring for Cats: Coffee, Cookies, and Cuddles

An unsuspecting little brick building sits in the heart of downtown Leesburg. It may seem like an average cafe when you walk in, but it is helping to save lives- the lives of cats, that is. 

A view of the welcoming exterior of the cafe. (Miriam Daum)

Not just any cat cafe, in just over a year of being open Catty Corner Cafe has helped over 90 cats find their forever homes. Owner Heather Donahue, with a business degree from George Mason under her belt and a passion for cats and helping people, combined her interests and took a step into the entrepreneurial world with her first business venture: Catty Corner Cafe. 

Many people take comfort in the cozy atmosphere of the cafe and cat lounge, but the cats owe their lives to the cafe. The cafe is partnered with Waldorf Maryland’s Last Chance Animal Rescue, which takes cats from kill shelters and gives them a second chance at having a good life.

Any place can be a cat cafe, but the people make a difference here

— Jackie Holloway

“They take cats from 50 different kill shelters, so they save ten-thousand animals a year from being euthanized,” says Heather. “We’ve had over 90 cats adopted out since we opened, which is really the number one goal.”

Each cat is given a goodnight kiss from Heather and a safe place to call home until they are adopted into their new families. 

“When they find their forever home, that’s a very bittersweet thing because I will miss them, but I know that they’re going to be adored in their new home, which they deserve because they come from kill shelters and the fact that they get a second chance is so amazing.”

The cafe builds a cozy and loving atmosphere, but the relaxing environment and the cats aren’t the only special thing about Catty Corner Cafe. The cafe would not be the same without the enthusiasm and love of the people who visit. 

“Any place can be a cat cafe, but the people make a difference here,” says Jackie Holloway, an employee at the cafe. “It’s really just the environment. For being such a secluded place, once you find it, it’s just really cool.”

Catty Corner Cafe has something to offer everybody who visits, whether it’s the cookies, coffee, comfy seating, or the cats.  

“It’s cozy and a nice place to be – it’s special and not like the other cafes because of the special atmosphere and of course, the cats,” says Izzy Stith, a customer of the cafe. 

Catty Corner Cafe is truly a one of a kind place and atmosphere that many customers wish that they would never have to leave. A perfect fit for Leesburg, Catty Corner Cafe provides a unique opportunity to have a treat and save the lives of these adoptable cats. Thanks to owner Heather Donahue: now coffee, cookies, cats and cuddles are well within reach for the community.