Post High School Pathways

There are many pathways to take after leaving Woodgrove High School, and each student’s journey is different. As the 2023 senior class is getting closer to graduation, they are also picking the right trail for themselves, including a two-year or four-year college, military, trade school, or employment.

Senior Jonah Welsh is going straight into the workforce. “I decided to join the workforce for hands-on real-world experiences. Right now I’m working as a graphic designer for a company called KM, which involves creating branding for clients, emails, flyers, announcements, and designs for vehicles. Most of the art classes that Woodgrove offers helped build the fundamentals and understanding I needed to be a graphic designer.”

Senior Jack Bowen is going into the U.S. Air Force as a S.E.R.E. Specialist. “I am joining the military for the discipline and stability it gives me for all new enlisted members. Furthermore, with the structure, stable pay, and importance of teamwork, it seems the best for a recent high school grad.”

Below is a sample of what classmates are planning after graduation.

Photo provided by Ms. Harding.