Summer Time, Fun Time!

Summer jobs give Woodgrove students real life experience, a way to earn money, and a fun time. Woodgrove students share their summer employment experiences.

Sophomore Elizabeth Malone was a part time babysitter, and she had a flexible schedule for work. “I usually work for four hours in the evening, and about the same during the day.” Malone goes on to say that the amount of time she works during the month depends on the family she’s working for, along with her personal schedule. “There are lots of benefits to babysitting. The best one for me is that you get to develop relationships with the kids.”

Many students find employment in hospitality. Senior Ben Tomlinson worked at Catoctin Coffee. He stated that making coffee was fun because he got free drinks whenever he worked his shift and the coffee house worked around his schedule. He mentioned that the only bad part about working there was having to get up early in the morning for his shift.

Ryan Fennely, a Senior, worked at Velocity Wings over the summer break. Fennely says it was good money, and he worked with his friend, Braxton Hughes.

On the fine dining scale, West End Wine Bar and Pub is a great place to work because, according to Junior Ithan Rubin, you can meet new people. Rubin adds it’s not the perfect job, citing pay and occasional customer attitudes

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Photo of sign offering jobs at Franklin Park. Picture provided by Andrew Towe.