“The 38Dawgz” Wins Fan Favorite at Battle of the Bands

Rapidly progressing in music, the members of the high school punk rock band, The 38Dawgz, are juggling both their studies and their songs. The band recently competed in the “Battle of the Bands” at the Tally Ho Theater in Leesburg, and because of their fantastic play, won Fan Favorite. In addition to this title, they also received $150, and more importantly, time to record their own originals in a professional recording studio. 

The band includes lead singer and rhythm guitarist Olivia DeWan; Dex Holt on the drums; bassist Ava Bedeković; and Ava Pietrzak, lead guitarist and backup vocals. The entire band attends Loudoun County High School, and DeWan, Bedeković, and Pietrzak all played together on their high school’s field hockey team together. During a team dinner, DeWan was introduced to Holt by Dedeković and Pietrzak, and soon after, they formed the band. 

The 38Dawgz was created to be able to play at the “Battle of the Bands,” but this band has risen to more serious level than they previously thought possible. According to Dewan, participating in the event was “definitely the coolest thing I have ever done.” 

 The 38Dawgz qualified for the Final Battle as “Fan Favorite,” after performing songs including “Bad Romance” with a punk rock spin, and “1985.” They also performed two of their own originals, “This Is the End of the Most Terrible Relationship I’ve Ever Had and Now I’m Single” and “Calf-Love.”

In the Final Battle, they played four songs total, including their originals “Roots” and “Desolate.” Despite a tremendous performance, the band did not place first, but since they were voted Fan Favorite in the Final Battle, they were granted the$150 prize, along with recording time at a local studio. 

After this spectacular achievement, the band also performed at the Purcellville Music Festival. They are now eagerly awaiting their allotted time in the professional recording studio to be able to record some of their own music. 

The band is amazed to go from being a band who had never played in a big music event, to one voted Fan Favorite as first-time competitors at one of the biggest music events in their county. Dewan, herself, is amazed, stating, “We formed specifically just to play in the Battle of the Bands.” 

Even though the band had never competed together doesn’t mean that they hadn’t practiced. “Leading up to the final battle, we practiced about eight hours on the weekend and four hours during the week,” said Dewan. 

What began as an opportunity to play music and compete at a local music competition has brought school pride to Loudoun County High School, along with publicity, opportunities, and experience for this up-and-coming band.