Woodgrove Out: Woodgrove’s Favorite Wild Themes

Every year the student body of Woodgrove eagerly awaits the list of themes for the upcoming football season. This year the Woodgrove Wild has an exciting list of themes, including the annual blackout for homecoming, purple out, country, and neon for the face-off against town rival Loudoun Valley. 

A standing tradition at Woodgrove is a blackout theme for the homecoming game. The Wild decks out in all black apparel, and the football team even wears special black jerseys. Another yearly theme is neon for the competition against Valley; students dress in an array of brightly colored outfits to unite against the Vikings. 

Some new themes being introduced this year are: purple out, frat, winter sports and country. The new purple out theme was Woodgrove’s most popular theme with 24.6% of students picking it as their favorite. Another popular new theme is country; many  students enjoy it because it ties into our spirit week. 

Dressing in the weekly theme is a part of the high school experience. An anonymous student says, “I just really like to see the school spirit. It’s a community, and I like to see the connections that bring us together.”

Woodgrove students are already thinking about the 2023 football season. Here’s some themes the Wild would like to see next year: Superheroes, 80s, tie dye, letterman jackets, Adam Sandler, Disney and twin day. Junior Madison Thurman says, “I would like to see icon day, bikers versus surfers, or barbeque dads and soccer moms.”