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SCA Stays Busy Planning School Events

SCA members Charley Piercy and Ava Eckenrode host the Homecoming Pep Rally. Photo by Kildea McMahon

Written by Mia Cammarota, Carissa Vergeres, Kildea McMahon, and Charley Piercy

November 13, 2019

  Every year big events are put together on behalf of the school, but what people may not know are the students behind it all. Homecoming, Woodgrove Idol, and pep rallies are all part of the Woodgrove High School experience. The Student Council Association (SCA) members spend countless hours planni...

Cook and Delitta Share Crown as Homecoming Queen; Klimek Reigns as King

Cook and Delitta Share Crown as Homecoming Queen; Klimek Reigns as King

Written by Conor Forrest, Alivia McAtee, The Woodgrove Outlander

November 18, 2015

For the first time in Woodgrove history, there was a tie in the votes for Homecoming Queen. Seniors Ami Cook and Carissa DeLitta shared the title and honor of being Homecoming Queen, accompanied by King, Senior Jack Klimek. The queens, as well as the rest of the court, were honored at the Homecoming...

Coming Home to Dance the Night Away

October 23, 2013

As seen in the print edition. By Cate Renner. Woodgrove will hold its third annual Homecoming on the weekend of October 26th. This year, the student body voted “Decades” as the overall theme, with each class representing a specific time period. The freshman class chose the 2000’s, the s...

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