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Black Lives Matter Movement Swarms Loudoun County Following the Death of George Floyd

Written by Annie Gilbert, Emma Tetreault, Maeve Bauer, and Sarah Burns November 5, 2020

Following the death of George Floyd, a large movement known as Black Lives Matter began to vocalize the mistreatments of minorities throughout the nation. As a result, a combination of peaceful...

Woodgrove Resource Officer McCarten. Photo by Lorallye Partlow

Police Officers Sue Town Of Purcellville

Written by Jordan Fiala, Maryam Khan November 13, 2019

Purcellville Police Chief Cynthia McAlister and Officer Kristopher Fraley have both filed lawsuits against the Town of Purcellville and former interim Town Manager Alex Vanegas. Both suits were filed within...

A chart on global temperature change over the last 100 years

Northern Virginia is Heated!

A Dive Into How Climate Change is Affecting Not Only Northern Virginia, But the Entire World
Written by Dillon Holdridge, Keagan Lanham, and Bridget Vasta December 14, 2017

Recently, Northern Virginians have experienced a few sweltering fall months after a very mild, snowless winter. A lack of frost can affect agriculture, and heat waves can cause the soil to dry up, leaving...

Construction of Chipotle and Dunkin' Donuts buildings being finalized. Photo by Jenn Glazebrook

Construction Boom in Purcellville

Written by Jenn Glazebrook, Brittany Nelson and Bridget Vasta November 3, 2017

Numerous shopping centers have sprout­ed up in the Purcellville area over the past few years. What was once a remote town is quickly becoming a popular hangout. This fall, Purcellville is opening Catoctin...

Photo by: Robert Kershner

Fast Food Stops To Visit This Summer

Written by Robert Kershner June 2, 2017

With summer right around the corner, students look forward to having free time, hanging out with friends, and walking around town.  With all that free time, teens are likely to work up an appetite. ...

Cannons Hold Fundraiser, Pre-Season Look at New Team

Cannons Hold Fundraiser, Pre-Season Look at New Team

Written by Matt Gusmerotti May 8, 2017

PURCELLVILLE, VIRGINIA — The Purcellville Cannons are a Valley Baseball League team that moved from Winchester to Purcellville last season and had an amazing welcome. The Cannons recruit collegiate players...

McDonald's Torn Down to Make Way for Expansions

McDonald’s Torn Down to Make Way for Expansions

Written by Dominique Cruz, Adeline Furlow, Sarah Murtaugh, and River Stone October 27, 2016

McDonald’s? More like McRubble. After 36 years, Purcellville’s McDonald’s was torn down this August, anticipating upgrades to match the modernizing upgrades throughout the rest of the town. The...

New Restaurants in Purcellville

New Restaurants in Purcellville

Written by Alivia McAtee and Ali McBride June 7, 2016

NEW RESTAURANTS IN PURCELLVILLE   Joining the Purcellville food scene this summer are Petit Loulou and Bada Bing Bagels. Both restaurants are scheduled to be built in the shops at Main and Maple...

Collegiate Baseball Team Relocates to Purcellville

Collegiate Baseball Team Relocates to Purcellville

Written by Matthew Gusmerotti May 25, 2016

The Purcellville Cannons is a collegiate baseball team that recruits players from colleges around the country and places those players on a summer travel team. The Cannons were originally at home in Winchester,...

Are You Really Getting Your Bang for Your Buck?

Are You Really Getting Your Bang for Your Buck?

Written by Ellie Mumaw June 10, 2015

The wonderful aroma of coffee in the air and a warm cup in your hand is always a great start to the day. It’s no lie; everyone knows about the coffee craze that’s going on right now, but I bet you...

An Unusual Combination: Bicycles and Coffee Approaches One Year of Business

An Unusual Combination: Bicycles and Coffee Approaches One Year of Business

Written by Sarah Snare and Faith Ralston March 23, 2015

Nicole Davison and her husband Scott opened a shop just under a year ago that combined their two loves: bike riding and coffee drinking. Located down the street from Loudoun Valley High School, Bicycles...

UNICEF Benefit Concert

Written by Cate Renner, Emily May, Reporters March 23, 2012

On Wednesday, March 22, Woodgrove hosted a benefit concert for the United Nations Children’s Fund, also known as UNICEF. All the proceeds will go to helping children. Kicking off the night, a punk rock...

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