Finding Motivation

The end of the year is nearing, and with it, comes big assignments. At this time of year, feeling stressed and overwhelmed is normal. However, there are ways to keep a positive mindset and motivation. 


Stress appears in many ways, and while some may feel anxious, others may feel burnt out. Seniors especially tend to run into the latter, hence the term “senior slump”. It’s a phrase for feeling worn out or mentally exhausted with a lack of motivation to keep pushing academically during senior year. Despite this, it’s possible to overcome. Senior Lisa Nice spoke on her experience dealing with it, “I did experience senior slump at one point, but I knew the end goal would be worth it.” Nice also adds, “Confide in the people who care about you, and ask for help. Don’t try to go through it alone. Focus on what makes you happy and on the end goal because it’ll be there before you know it.” 


The weight of classes can increase anxiety and overwhelm students easily. Junior Ally Blizzard shares some ways she handles the workload. “I like to write a note in the Notes app on my phone, like a to-do list. When it gets stressful, I read a book, pray, or go on a run.”She also commented on how she finds motivation when the going gets tough. “I think of my friends, family, and loved ones. My brothers are in college, and if they can do it, I can do it. I think of better times, and how happy I’ll be in the future if I work hard now.” 

While personal methods of destressing are important, there are other tools that can help as well. Woodgrove Counselor Mrs. Amy Scott explained students can develop healthy habits to decrease stress and provide motivation. “Find things that you enjoy that keep your energy up, like physical activity, time with friends and family, reading, making or listening to music, art, etc. Whatever keeps you feeling positive and energized, keep doing it!” Activities and hobbies can be great for stress relief, but there are other ways to get support. Simply email your school counselor, and we’ll set up a time to meet… Your school counselor is part of a larger united mental health team that includes our school psychologist, school social worker, and student assistant specialist. There’s always someone in the school counseling office that can help.”


Schoolwork can be difficult to manage, especially with stress. Even though it can be tough to handle, healthy habits can provide the motivation needed to continue to work, honor, and strive.