NFL Kickoff

Football’s back! As the NFL kicks off their 2022-2023 season, Woodgrove has some predictions.

Poll Results

 The Woodgrove Outlander polled students about who they think will win the Super Bowl this year. The most surprising part of the poll is that some of the student population has the Washington Commanders winning it all.

The most overwhelming result  is that the Buffalo Bills come in as heavy favorites at a whopping 30.8%.

Favorite Teams Throughout Woodgrove

Woodgrove students support many different NFL teams. Social Studies teacher Mr. Staneart is a die-hard Detroit Lions fan. “When I was little, I liked the Lions and Tigers, but as I got older, Barry Sanders was playing for them [the Detroit Lions], so I really liked them,” Staneart explained. Lots of students support teams from where they were born or with family ties. Senior Abbie Hunley supports the Denver Broncos “because I was born in Denver, Colorado.” 

“My dad has a lot of people in his family that live there [Kansas City], so they’ve always been a team we have supported,” says Kansas City Chiefs fan Senior Katelyn Kent.

Mr. Staneart showing the spirit of his favorite team in his classroom. Photo taken by Luke Jenkins.

Fantasy Football

Fantasy football is a popular pastime where dream NFL players create a fantasy team, and their real world performances affect the standing of the roster within a fantasy league. 

Woodgrove students weigh in regarding who they think will score the most points this season to boost their fantasy team. Sophomore Jameson Mehaffey thinks, “[Minnesota Vikings Wide Receiver] Justin Jefferson is an underdog pick, I like my chances.” Overall, it should be an exciting season watching to see who will emerge as the best fantasy football player.