Woodgrove’s Winter Sports

As the fall sports start to come to an end, winter sports are on the brink of beginning. Woodgrove offers many different sports including, basketball, gymnastics, track, winter cheer, and wrestling. 

    One winter sport offered at Woodgrove is swimming. Senior swimmer Megan Collins encourages everyone to try out. “Come out and try your best; we are all here to have a great time.” Collins also recommends before tryouts you work on “improving endurance. Sometimes beginners coming to swim for the first time or summer swimmers can get tired easily.” The coach for the swim team, Coach Carlow, explains that swimming creates “great time management skills between schoolwork, exercise and family life.”

     Another one of our many winter sports here at Woodgrove is Boy’s Basketball. CJ Schaeffer, a senior on the men’s basketball team encourages new players. “Students should try out for basketball because it is a great sport to keep you in shape and very fun to play.” Boy’s Basketball even had the honor of hiring a brand new coach this off season. Coach Konstantine Papastergiou, he is very excited to lead the Wolverines this season. “It’s a new era in the Boys Basketball program and we are beyond excited to show you what we are made of. I am very honored and blessed to be the head coach of the Boys Basketball program, and to serve a community and student body filled with tradition, value, and culture,” says Coach K.

     Woodgrove Gymnastics is another winter staple. Marissa Friedl a senior who competes for Woodgrove, encourages students with experience to sign up, “ the best part about competing for Woodgrove is the team aspect, we have tons of highs and lows like anyone else, but nothing is better than knowing everyone did the best individually, and helped the team win.” The team is coached by Margie Barnes and tryouts will begin in November.