The School News Site of Woodgrove High School

The Woodgrove Outlander

The School News Site of Woodgrove High School

The Woodgrove Outlander

The School News Site of Woodgrove High School

The Woodgrove Outlander

The School News Site of Woodgrove High School

The Woodgrove Outlander

Giving Back: Woodgrove for Women Holiday Sale

Written by Maeve Bauer December 5, 2022

 On December 14th, 15th, and 16th, the Woodgrove for Women Club is hosting a table everyday during lunch to celebrate different women owned businesses in the area.  Co-executive director of Woodgrove...


Written by Kiera McMahon November 29, 2022

As the fall play comes to a close, thespians and audience members alike are left wondering: what's next? Clue, an fantastical mystery based off of the famous board game, takes the audience on a wild ride...

Child holding a more modernized version of a jack-o-lantern, with the face painted on rather than carved out.

The History of Halloween: From Potatoes to Pumpkins

Written by Sarah Putorti November 16, 2022

Many Americans think of Halloween as a holiday for candy, costumes, and carving pumpkins, but the holiday goes so much deeper than that, both commercially and culturally. Halloween has gotten consistently...

The AFC Rivalry

Written by Luke Jenkins November 16, 2022

On October 16th, 2022, the matchup of the century was held between the top two teams in the AFC, the Buffalo Bills and the Kansas City Chiefs. Last year’s game in the divisional round came down to...

Effects of Screen Time

Written by Andrew Towe November 14, 2022

With digital devices practically everywhere, the adverse effects of screen time, known or not, have remained a continuing problem. The effects of screen time are well researched with many studies coming...

The Miracles of the 2022 College Football Season

Written by Sam Douglas November 12, 2022

The college football season is officially in full swing, with teams now entering the eighth week of games after a thrilling first half of the season. One thing diehard college football fans love is when...

Pujols fields a ball going shallow behind first base.

The Retirement We’ve All Anticipated

Written by Isaac Kent November 7, 2022

Albert Pujols recently became one of five baseball players who has ever hit 700 home runs in his career. Pujols has an amazing story to tell about how he became one of the greatest to play the game. His...

Meet Our New Aquatic Life!

Written by Haley Oliver November 7, 2022

The freshmen aren't the only new members to the school this year; L514 has a few new class pets! Mr. Maynard and Mrs. Crandall share room L514, so after much discussion and an unwritten agreement (Mrs....

Cozy Fireplace Reading

Written by Jillian Lewis November 7, 2022

As the weather gets colder and everyone huddles inside the house, it makes it the perfect time to curl under a cozy blanket and read a good book.  The website Goodreads has many suggestions for...

Varsity team beating reigning State Champs.

A New Era of Wolverine Volleyball

Written by John Hays November 7, 2022

The 2022-2023 Woodgrove Varsity Volleyball team has newfound success due to the players, coaching, and environment of the program. The team puts an emphasis on culture to help promote winning. The...

Picture of a walleye fish.

A Fishy Situation

Written by William Den Herder November 7, 2022

Chase Cominsky and Jake Runyan are in deep trouble. On September 30, 2022, the two man fishing team competed in the Lake Erie Walleye Trail tournament. They won the tournament and almost walked away with...

Tundra Swans on the Water.

The Federal Duck Stamp Contest

Written by Kiera McMahon November 7, 2022

As another year comes to a close, a truly spectacular contest takes place. Unknown to many, the Federal Duck Stamp Contest is a competition in which a relatively small number of incredible artists...

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