Students are Encouraged to Use the Safe2Talk App if they See Something Suspicious at Woodgrove

To promote a safe environment, and as a deterrent against vaping, alcohol, and drug use on school property, LCPS has introduced the Safe2Talk app for students.

Vaping and drug abuse has become a county-wide concern, even at Woodgrove. On Tuesday, March 7, 2023, a meeting was held by Loudoun County Public officials regarding these concerns, where parents expressed their worries, thereby bringing more awareness to the issue. 

The Safe2Talk app is a safe space for students to report any vaping or drug abuse they see around the school campus. Reports on this app are anonymous and are constantly being monitored. Students are encouraged to use this app if they come across an issue.

The Safe2Talk app is a valuable resource for the entire school community,” says Ward Sigler, Woodgrove’s security officer. “Students can be confident that what they report is anonymous. Every report is investigated through the appropriate channels, and using the app is a way to keep all members of Woodgrove’s community safe.”

When asked what the first thing a student should do if they see someone doing something against the rules at Woodgrove, Dr. Shipp, the principal of Woodgrove High School says, “They should let an adult know; whether that be using the app Safe2Talk, or if they feel comfortable letting an adult or teacher know in person.”

Dr. Shipp is an advocate for the Safe2Talk app, and says, “If students see anything, they should say something. If they don’t want to come talk to us directly and feel better about using the Safe2Talk app,then please, by all means, do that.”

Vaping, alcohol, and drug abuse in schools can lead to many consequences, both disciplinary and physical. Vaping, for example, is putting the user, as well as the people around them, in danger. The CDC website reports that bystanders near a vape are also in danger of inhaling the aerosol it produces.  Nicotine, which is what makes a vape so addictive, affects the parts of the brain that controls attention, learning, mood, and impulse control. Vaping or doing drugs or alcohol at a young age can also harm the brain’s development, since the brain doesn’t stop developing until around the age of 25.

“While students’ health and safety is of the utmost concern- both physical and mental- engaging in the use of such things also takes focus away from school work and everyday activities of a student’s high school career,” says Sigler.

Because vaping, alcohol, and drug use are dangerous not only for oneself, but the people around them, schools must take action to prevent these behaviors. “Drug use, vaping, and alcohol use are a huge risk to a person’s health and well being,” says Sigler. 

Woodgrove administration and security officers encourage students to say something if they see students in risky situations. Say something by reporting the situation to a trusted adult or by anonymously using the Safe2Talk app.

Girl is using the Safe2Talk app to report suspicious activity at school.