Oldest Person Dies; Inspiration Lives On

Sister Andrè praying. (Creative Commons)

The world’s oldest person, Lucile Randon (Sister Andrè), died peacefully in her sleep at 118 years old on January 17, 2023 in Toulon, France. Sister Andrè was only twenty-five days away from celebrating her 119th birthday when she passed. 

Sister Andrè was born on February 11th, 1904 in Ales, France. Although she devoted her life to Roman Catholicism, she was born into a Protestant family. Sister Andrè served as a governess in Paris. During the Covid outbreak of 2020, she tested positive. Sister Andrè survived and lived for three more years! She is the picture of resilience and devotion; she spent her entire life devoting herself to her Lord. After taking vows, it’s tradition to adopt the name of a saint. Sister Andrè chose the new name “Andrè” to signify her new relationship with God. 

Women everywhere can find inspiration through Sister Andrè. Woodgrove Senior Bea Maulfair is “motivated by success. Everything I do is to be successful at the next level.”

Some people want to live as long as possible, however, Maulfair feels as though “at that point, you’re not living, you’re just surviving.” Maulfair says to make the most of her life, she “lives everyday with a positive mindset and a smile!”

Sister Andrè’s dedication can inspire the students of Woodgrove to devote their life to something greater than themselves.