AP Test Prep

With test season around the corner, students and teachers are preparing themselves for the excess stress, rigor, and fatigue they’ll inevitably experience. Students have to remember everything they have learned over the past six and a half months, while teachers cram more information in before the test. Students also must balance studying with adequate sleep to avoid fatigue and burn out. 

Senior Celia Hart says, “If you’re taking an AP Exam and you procrastinate studying, the day or two before the exam, go through any slideshows your teacher has given to you and write down everything you can’t immediately recall.” Hart also explains that cramming isn’t a great idea but reminding yourself of the topics is a last minute strategy.

Junior Marlena McKim states, “What helped me get through the AP exam last year and what I will be implementing this year, is not overthinking.” The AP exams are split up into two different sections, multiple choice and free response. Referencing the multiple choice section, McKim says, “Stick with your gut feeling!” 

This year, Woodgrove has over thirty AP exams being proctored. The link to dates and times is listed below. Good luck students! Remember to get adequate sleep and find study habits that work for you.

Woodgrove’s testing set up in the
auxiliary gym. (John Hays)

Woodgrove’s Test Schedule: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1I9y1nXkOnV8sB6LST7Omj4eW-PsDasSBPlXywhl5RKo/edit?usp=sharing