Woodgrove Cheerleading


Woodgrove cheerleaders cheering at a football game. Photo taken by @carolinejennsports.

Woodgrove’s 2022-2023 fall season varsity cheerleading team is spirited, hard-working, and determined. 

 These cheerleaders spend a significant amount of time up close and personal with each other. This requirement of physical closeness leads to extremely tight bonds. Sophomore Marissa Hall states, “The main reason I cheer is because of the team. Everyone is always there for each other. It’s great to know when I’m going through something I’ll always have twenty-four girls to lean on.”

  Aside from the team oriented aspect of the sport, the physical components are challenging: tumbling, stunting, baskets, pyramids, jumps, chants, and cheers, all of which is done with a smile.

Senior Captain Bailey Fleming’s favorite skills are baskets and flipping pyramids because of “the rush of excitement and accomplishment when your group finally reaches the common goal you’ve been working so hard for.”

 Although people tend to debate cheerleading being a real sport, there is no denying that it takes a lot of skill and hard work. To see the accumulation of the hard work and passion on the team, check out some of the upcoming competitions!

Competitions for the 2022 season include: Stone Bridge Spirit Bowl on October 1st, Potomac District Mini Championships at Independence on October 13, Potomac Districts at Briar Woods on October 19th, Region 5D at Independence on October 29th, and VHSL Class 5 States on November 5th.