Bleed Orange or Red?

On October 15, 2022 the epic showdown between the Vols and Tide went down. The sold out Neyland Stadium erupted as the Big Orange brought home the nail biting victory. Many famous faces including Peyton Manning, Morgan Wallen, Kenny Chesney, and Kelsi Ballerini gathered to see the bright orange and crimson red showdown.

The game started out all orange and white; Tennessee was up 28-20 at half.

Throughout the course of the second half there were many back and fourths on who was going to win. It ultimately came to who had the ball when the clock hit zero. Chase McGrath, Tennessee kicker, made a 40-yard game winning field goal. That would be the last field goal kicked within those posts, as the fans, the heartbeat of Neyland, stormed the field, and took the goal post with them as they exited. That goal post now has a new home in the Tennessee river. 

Since the Vols took the win, lots of people have shown different ways of celebrating. Many repped their Tennessee orange to show their support, some re-watched the game on repeat, but for country stars like Riley Green and Morgan Wallen, they saw an opportunity for a song. On August 26, Riley Green released a song with lyrics, “Watchin’ Alabama whoop up on Tennessee,” which did not age well in conclusion of the game. Morgan Wallen posted a teaser on Instagram of the new song he’s releasing called “Tennessee

Fan.” Wallen recaps the game from a Vols’ fan perspective. 

Tennessee player passes the Alabama defender. Photo provided by Creative Commons.

It was the first time in 15 years that Tennessee beat Alabama, and Alabama had won the last 15 head to head matchups with Tennessee. Many were in disbelief as they saw the final kick go through the uprights, but it was all joy in Knoxville.