Come and Gone

The White House beneath looming clouds. Photo provided by Creative Commons.

Terrifying incidents can sometimes be like a rock, one that sends waves torrenting across crystal waters upon impact. However, in modern days, these shocks tend to fade with the speed at which they combust; tainting the lake with only whispered memories. This is performative activism, where issues are discussed only as long as they are deemed relevant. Families sob while mainstream media gossips until they believe their “BREAKING NEWS” headlines will no longer snatch dollars. Politicians create new speeches promising gun control or mental health programs yet routinely fail to push them through to reality. The key thing to note is the relevance aspect. So long as we, citizens and communities, continue advocating for a future without school shootings, the politicians will keep preaching and the media will keep running stories. This is the kind of pressure the government cannot overlook. It all starts with a culture shift, away from one that favors the immediate and instead to one that fights for the future.