What is color guard?

Woodgroves Color Guard getting ready to perform at halftime. (Riley Merritt)

Many think that color guard is just a part of marching band but in truth they are much more. It is the art of flag throwing and choreographed dance. With their own try out process, competition, and multiple seasons, color guard is a rigorous sport that doesn’t gain a lot of attention. 

Senior Riley Merritt initially got into color guard because her friend was in the Harmony Color Guard Club, and she has participated in it ever since. Being in color guard has helped her gain confidence, which is one of her favorite things about the sport. Merritt says she loves “all the new friends, both in the band and in guard, she made over the course of the season.”

The color guard excited to go show out for the Wolverine fanbase. (Riley Merritt)

Being a part of any sport means growing relationships with the team. Senior Catie Biby says, “At this point it’s kind of like a family with both the color guard and the band.”

In color guard, competitions and performances are a big part of the sport. “Usually we’ll have an extra practice the day before a competition or game and just do a run through of our show. Before competitions and games the guard has to eat, do hair, makeup, and get into uniform,” says Merritt. 

There’s more to color guard than just cute costumes, flags and performances during football halftimes. It is an entire sport that has its own competitions and an inclusive atmosphere that, to many members, helps them feel valued and appreciated.