How Do You Scroll?

Teens spend a ton of time and energy on social media. Take this quiz to find out: if you were a social media platform, which one would you be?

You’re headed to Hershey Park; what’s the game plan? 

  1. A) Make an itinerary with all the details planned out; don’t worry I’ll send everyone a copy! 
  2. B)  My besties and I are hitting the road; we’ll plan it together!
  3. C) I’ll just frolic solo around the park!
  4. D) I can’t be bothered to research anything before going!

Baking on a night in — what’s your inspiration?

  1. A) My favorite celebrity just posted a new recipe.
  2. B) My friends are each bringing an ingredient; we’ll see what happens!
  3. C) Who needs a recipe? I measure with my heart. 
  4. D) One word: sugar.

You have a lot of homework, what do you do?

  1. A) I can’t do it until I complain.
  2. B) Head straight to the tutoring center, I’m a regular there. 
  3. C) Timeblock. Always.
  4. D) I can’t work on homework without listening to Taylor Swift. 

You’ve just won a once in a lifetime opportunity: your dream vacation! How are you getting there?

  1. A) Taking a train would perfectly match my aesthetic.
  2. B) I’m taking a plane: the views are better. 
  3. C) Catch my car cruising down the highway.
  4. D) Uber, of course.

Which is the best movie genre? 

  1. A) Drama – keep it serious.
  2. B) Horror – the cheesier the better!
  3. C) Sci-Fi – #nerdalert
  4. D) Action – loud, fast, and furious!

It’s Halloween! What costume do you wear?

  1. A) A sheet over my head
  2. B) I’m staying in and binging Reeses
  3. C) Frodo from Lord of the Rings, including prosthetics
  4. D) Elsa from Frozen

What is the best place to host a party?

  1. A) The pool: what’s a party without swimming?
  2. B) My friend’s house! I’ll text the details to the group chat. 
  3. C) I guess we can do my house; everyone already has the address.
  4. D) Let’s go out on the town! 

If you answered mostly A, you are Instagram. You are a perfectionist, you like things to be the way you want, when you want. You keep a lot of your life to yourself, but when something big happens, you like to share it with everyone. 

Instagram logo (Creative Commons)

If you answered mostly B, you are Snapchat. You like to keep it real — with a filter. You like to show people what you’re doing and when you’re doing it. You share a lot of your life with the people around you. 

If you answered mostly C, you are Twitter. You like to speak your mind and you’re honest about it. Although you might not blast photos online, you certainly share your thoughts with the world unapologetically. 

If you answered mostly D, you are TikTok. You are creative, and you like to create things to entertain others. You’re energetic, upbeat, and probably the “life of the party.”