Effects of Screen Time

With digital devices practically everywhere, the adverse effects of screen time, known or not, have remained a continuing problem. The effects of screen time are well researched with many studies coming to the same conclusions; prolonged usage is unhealthy.

Pediatrician Micheal Rich, from Harvard Medical School, states, “The growing human brain is constantly building neural connections while pruning away less-used ones, and digital media use plays an active role in that process,”Rich goes on to state, that children need real experiences to let their imaginations grow. 

With 91% of students surveyed being aware of the prolonged effects of screen time, it’s a wonder that 58.8% of students surveyed admitted to using their phones for more than three hours a day.

A poll conducted by The Woodgrove Outlander surveyed a group of 68 students and found that 91% of students are aware of the damaging effects of screen time.