New Year, New Water Bottle!

Men and women of all ages searched frantically under their Christmas tree to see if they received the new trendy cup, the Stanley. This cup craze was originally started by the “it girl” nurses wearing high-end scrubs called Figs and pairing this luxury attire with the new edition of the Stanley Cup. The association of Fig scrubs and the combined publicity through TikTok created a Stanley cup mania.

The last time there was a cup this hot was the Hydro Flask; a fad started in 2017. Hydro Flask was established in 2009, a newer company, unlike Stanley, which was established in 1913. The Stanley fad started at the end of 2022, although this particular cup was created in 2016. The Stanley is $40 for 40 ounces compared to the Hydro Flask, which cost $45 for 32 ounces. Both brands offer various colors and designs to cater to the holidays and seasons. The reign of the Hydro Flask is officially over. The frenzy and need for Stanley cups begins.

Some of the Stanley Cup’s most popular colors! Photo from Creative Commons.