A Look Inside the Woodgrove Outlander

Excited debate and delightful shrieks mixed with frustration can be heard from the closed door of the Newspaper room, L514. Mrs. Walker is frantically running around as multiple deadlines loom; she keeps students moving quickly and on their toes. Her goal: to simulate a real newsroom. 

Three of the top Sports Reporters in the newsroom are sweaty, desperately trying to finish their NFL story in time. The ever changing stats of the NFL football teams make it hard to stay updated. 

At the corner desktop, the Editor grapples with the master document on a professional version of Adobe Indesign, a program used by executives earning six figure salaries. 

The sound of trending TikTok songs blasts from the Social Media Managers’ phones; they look for inspiration to promote the newspaper and construct engaging videos that build school community.

On the opposite side of the room, one student is on the phone, trying to get a concise quote for the newest article. 

Meanwhile, the rest of newspaper class eagerly heads up to the cafeteria to share QR codes linked to polls regarding different stories. 

The Online Editors post breaking stories on the Woodgrove Outlander website, where readers can catch up on all the Wolverine action instantaneously.

Does this crazy, fun world sound like a fit for you? Join Newspaper for the 2023-2024 school year! Talk to your counselor today! 

The A-Day Newspaper Staff gathered around a table to get work done. (Virginia Walker)