The Investigation of the Washington Commanders

On November 10, 2022, The D.C. Attorney General shocked the world and started a long-needed investigation into Dan Snyder and the Washington Commanders, recently recognized by The Observer as a “toxic workplace culture.” Dan Snyder has owned this team since 1999.


 Facts about the Allegations

  Snyder has been accused of sexual assault in the workplace. Seven former employees have appeared on Capitol Hill to share their experiences, including one employee who claims  that Snyder inappropriately touched her at a dinner party. With these charges, some players and staff members from the Commanders have either left or been fired because they spoke out against Snyder. 


Poll Results

According to the The Woodgrove Outlander’s student poll, some people think the sale will better the team, while others disagree. When asked in an anonymous student body poll how the sale would affect the team in the long run, one student commented, “It [the sale] would benefit the Commander’s success and would allow them to operate under a smarter and more experienced General Manager.”

With the investigation being slowed by Snyder’s uncooperative behavior with officials, only time will tell his future with the Commanders.