Paws vs. Claws

Are you a dog or cat person? Psychology plays a big role in discovering which pet works best for you. People who enjoy the company of dogs see themselves as the life of the party; they’re fun and have upbeat personalities. Cat people are stereotyped as open-minded, introverted, and sensitive.

Dogs are the most popular pet globally with over sixty-three million inhabiting the homes of people worldwide. What do these cuddly animals have that most individuals enjoy? “My dog is really funny. I love when he chases his tail and does cool tricks,” said freshman JJ Domine.

While they are not as human-dependent as dogs, cats are widely popular. About forty-two million people have a cat in their household. Even though they aren’t as high-energy as dogs, cats make great pets for people who are looking for a more independent animal. Wynn Drenning, a Senior said, “I’m a low-energy person so I’m more of a cat person than a dog person. Because of how much time my cat and I have spent with each other, we’ve become very alike.” 

People tend to choose a pet that reflects their personality. For years, people have noticed the resemblance between owners and their pets. “When people adopt a dog, they tend to opt for more familiar dogs. Of course, they don’t realize it, but they’re actually looking for physical features as well as personality traits that closely resemble their own,” said Sadahiko Nakajima, a psychologist.