Shocking Teacher High School Stories

Wacky moments in school are often the things most fondly remembered by alumni for years to come. Woodgrove teachers have had their fair share of goofy moments during their time in high school. Their stories are laughable and might even catch some students by surprise.

Ms. Eom, Special Ed Teacher: Practical Uses of ASL

Ms. Eom was a very talkative student back in high school, which eventually led to her banishment to the other side of the classroom by her 11th grade English teacher. She was separated for so long she considered it permanent, all because she wanted to chat with her classmates. However, exile did not stop Ms. Eom, for she utilized her skills in American Sign Language to keep up the antics. 

Ms. Bates, Math Teacher: The Tardy Gum Fiasco

Ms. Bates was minding her own business when she was suddenly called to the assistant principal’s, Mr. Keeler, office. He asked her if she knew why she was called into his office, to which she had no clue. Mr. Keeler told Ms. Bates that she was getting detention for being tardy an excessive amount of days. When asked, the assistant principal declared that she had been tardy for around 70 days! Ms. Bates admitted that she would almost always stop at a little convenience store to get gum, causing her to be late. 

Ms. Bingaman, CTE Teacher: The Groundhog Royalty Imposters

Every year in February at Mrs. Bingaman’s high school there was an assembly to announce the groundhog king and queen. One year, Ms. B and her friend, Kenny, decided to play a prank. They were going to put on a skit pretending that they were the true royalty. In the middle of the assembly, in front of the whole school and local TV stations, Ms. B jumped out of the audience and exclaimed that she, in fact, was the groundhog queen! Unfortunately though, Kenny got stagefright, and Mrs. B had to drag him onto the stage. The two put on a comedic argument performance, all to the reddening face of their 6’4 principle, Mr. Savage. At the end, the announcer called that Mrs. B and Kenny had been elected the groundhog king and queen, much to their surprise, as they hadn’t even tried to run for it. Mrs. B noticed a girl in the audience, who really wanted the position, in tears, and decided to declare that she and her boyfriend were groundhog royalty instead.