The Crisis in Yemen

The Republic of Yemen is a country in the Middle East desperately in need of support. Almost three quarters of the population are in need of humanitarian assistance.

  • Violent conflict- Yemeni civil war (Sunni vs. Shia).
    • 2014: Shia rebels with links to Iran rise up against Sunni government and took control of Sana’a (largest and most populous Yemeni city).
    • They demanded lower fuel prices and government reform.
    • Rebels seized the president’s palace in Jan. 2015. Abd Rabbu Mansor (president) resigns.
  • Yemen is blockaded by Saudi. They were unable to get resources.
    • More than 10,000 children have been killed.
    • 2 million children are displaced.
    • 17.4 million people need food assistance.

What’s currently being done:

  • Since the crisis began eight years ago, the U.S. government has provided nearly $4.5 billion to alleviate the suffering of the people of Yemen.
  • Within that, was $711 million from the US government in the fiscal year 2021 (As of June 8, 2022).

How aid is being supplied: 

  • The total amount that the US government has for aid in Yemen this fiscal year is 1 billion dollars. 
  • Organizations like UNICEF and USAID have donated tens of millions of dollars along with food and medical supplies. They’ve also provided vitamins, supplements, clean water, education, and vaccines.
  • There was already a huge problem due to war, and COVID-19 made the medical situation worse. The US and many organizations have sent healthcare workers and supplies.