“It’s Time To Be Real!”

While sitting in class waiting for the school day to end, an alert simultaneously goes off from every phone in the room. Eagerly checking the notification, the room explodes in chatter and funny poses because it’s time to post the latest picture to BeReal!

BeReal was created by the owner of GoPro, Alexis Barreyat in early 2020 as a way to pass the time during quarantine. Barreyat shares her inspiration behind the app, along with the message she is hoping to convey through its popularity. “The purpose of the app is to give young kids a platform where they can share their true and authentic self and experiences, without having a negative impact on their self esteem and mental health.” 

 Woodgrove is no exception to the spread of the BeReal “virus.” Students jump at the slightest ding of their phone, hoping to snap a picture with friends, teachers, and peers. 

 BeReal is a rapidly expanding platform that will continue growing with the coming months, so take out your phone and download the app because it’s time to BeReal!