Review: The Library, a Woodgrove Bestseller?

A bright, business-ready view of the library. (Claire Hudak)

Walking past those big glass windows it’s hard to miss the fresh, modern library that has taken up residence in the former office space. But just how well does this refinished resource serve Woodgrove?

The space has changed the way we think about how the library is used by staff and students

— Sarah Emerson

The primary feature that everyone considers when thinking of a library is the noise level. When walking into the book-laden haven, it was mostly quiet, sprinkled with the murmurs and guffaws of lounging patrons but did not feel suffocating.

Outside of the volume, there is the aesthetic, which heralds itself as a vibrant business setting. The sleek tables and the minimalistic plush furniture aid a sense of refreshment,  and Junior Mackenzie Milburn remarked, “I think the new windows make a big difference with the feeling.” Gone are the clunky wooden chairs and behemoth workspaces of old that made one feel as though they were stuck in middle school. 

The Outlander’s favorite features of the new library include the whiteboard and convenient technology help center! On top of this are services including printing, games, and teaching areas. “The space has changed the way we think about how the library is used by staff and students,” commented librarian Sarah Emerson. 

However, it is well known that the library is very strict on E-Hallpasses. You’d be hard-pressed to slip in or out at any point without receiving a beckon from the staff. This is especially apparent during lunch, where the limited slots make the extra dining area a hot commodity.

After a thorough examination, The Outlander rates the new library a solid 4/5 Wolverine Claws! It is a must stop for any student looking for a great study space but beware of the stern hall pass requirements.