Semester At Sea: An Opportunity Like No Other


Students set sail for their Semester at Sea. Photo provided by Creative Commons.

   Many young people have an aspiration to travel the world. Waking up to the sight of crystal blue waters stretching for miles and a salty breeze doesn’t have to be a fantasy. One can experience this reality with Semester at Sea, a program that replaces the traditional semester on a college campus with a maritime alternative. Students have the opportunity to visit at least ten countries and can earn up to fifteen college credits. Up to forty majors are represented in this once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

     Semester at Sea provides students with the opportunity to use the world as their campus. With over ten destinations, multiple continents, and endless weeks of travel, Semester at Sea is an excellent option for those who want to better their education and travel simultaneously. The program is open to students of different educational backgrounds and levels, such as those who are currently pursuing an undergraduate degree, master’s degree, or taking a gap year. Like any community of great diversity, Semester at Sea is the perfect place to make connections and friends. In Virginia, three schools are affiliated with Semester At Sea: Hampden-Sydney College, University of Virginia, and Virginia Union University. Semester at Sea is unique in its lasting and impactful experience, and it is an incredible opportunity for those who seek to travel the world.   Find out more at: