Meet Our New Aquatic Life!

The freshmen aren’t the only new members to the school this year; L514 has a few new class pets! Mr. Maynard and Mrs. Crandall share room L514, so after much discussion and an unwritten agreement (Mrs. Crandall not having to feed or clean the tank), they adopted a few swimming friends. At a loss for what to name the sea creatures, they had their students perform a poetry slam. The student who won, earned the honor of naming the fish and snails. There are five little minnows all sharing the same name, Tom Jr. The Tom Jrs. are accompanied by two snails, Cardi B and Lightning McQueen. The oceanic life has brought a new found inspiration to the students in room L514.

One of the Tom Jrs. obliviously swimming towards the T-Rex. (Haley Oliver)
Light Mcqueen traveling into his taco. (Haley Oliver)