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The School News Site of Woodgrove High School

The Woodgrove Outlander

The School News Site of Woodgrove High School

The Woodgrove Outlander

The Quickly Evolving World of Fashion: Featuring Sloane Bachman

Written by Gianna Costanzo June 10, 2022

Woodgrove senior Sloane Bachman shares fashion tips, changes, and influences in her style throughout her time in high school. Bachman explains the epiphany she had which persuaded her to change...

The set of Spongebob being put together, taken by Wynn Drenning.

Woodgrove Theater’s “Bounce back” Musical, Spongebob

Written by Wynn Drenning April 29, 2022

After having to produce online shows and a frequent change in directors over the past two years, Woodgrove’s new drama teacher, Mrs. Beverly Pruzina is using this spring's musical, Spongebob, to portray...

The SpongeBob Musical

SpongeBob Springs to Stage

Written by Lilli Raine Barkley March 11, 2022

Coming to a stage near you is SpongeBob the Musical! Woodgrove is the first school in the county to put on this production, and it’s looking to be one to remember. Performances will be during the month...

Woodgrove Bible Study

Written by Lindsey Somers February 26, 2022

Within the walls of Woodgrove High School, a compiled list of over 80 clubs and organizations can be seen meeting in the mornings, evenings, and during Friday clubs. One of the newest additions to Woodgrove’s...

Fresh tomatoes grown on the farm.

Local Charities around Loudoun

Written by William Den Herder and Kiera McMahon February 11, 2022

Loudoun County is full of non-profit organizations that work around the clock to help improve the lives of others. These organizations provide a variety of services like growing food or building houses...

How to Support Survivors of Sexual Violence

Written by Claire Davison February 11, 2022

Recent events in Loudoun County have sparked important conversations about sexual violence in our schools. Sexual assault and harassment can happen anywhere to anyone. Sexual harassment and assault are...

Anna Lockhart (on the left) and Riley Castellano (on the right), Founders of Our Perfect Warrior Foundation.

Caring for Cancer

Written by Lilli Raine Barkley and Anna Cristofano January 26, 2022

In recent years, cancer has accounted for 10 million deaths annually worldwide, and although certain months are dedicated to respective types of cancer awareness, cancer doesn’t follow a calendar. Bre...

Photo of Thomas Clawson.

Honorary Wolverines: Mr. Clawson

Written by Gianna Costanzo and Lindsey Somers January 25, 2022

Woodgrove English teacher Mr. Clawson shares pieces of his fascinating life and words of wisdom. When Clawson graduated high school, he had high hopes of becoming a clinical psychologist. However,...

Mrs. Harar’s Women’s Studies class holding their posters for women’s standards in society.

Eccentric Electives at Woodgrove

Written by Claire Davison, Ainsleigh Shipp, and William Den Herder January 25, 2022

The chaos of scheduling classes for next year is creeping up on Woodgrove students. Here are some of the unique electives that Woodgrove students can select.  A new class this year at Woodgrove...

Mr. Keener, sporting a classic Woodgrove mask.

Saying Goodbye to Mr. Keener

Written by Robbie Showers and Kiera McMahon January 24, 2022

After 39 years in the field of education, Assistant Principal Donald Keener is retiring from Woodgrove High School in December. Mr. Keener has been the Assistant Principal at Woodgrove for 5 years. “After...

 Senior Karl Vogelsang knocks down a free throw in the rival Woodgrove vs Loudoun Valley game. (Provided by Action Jackson Photos).

Surprising Sports Superstitions

Written by Maddie Shea and Maeve Bauer January 23, 2022

Various Woodgrove athletes share their pregame rituals that are student led and directed which shows what makes their individual team special.   Woodgrove Senior Hunter Pavolic shared the Woodgrove...

Teacher Crossword Puzzle

Written by Mason Vacca and Andrew Towe January 23, 2022


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